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About Rock of Ages


The Rock of Ages Band performing 4 decades of Rock favorites. Going through Musical History with this band is an amazing trip through time...it's beyond worth it.

For the rock historian, it also offers an easy chance to re-visit the music of each decade performed live. The Rock of Ages Band one of the most accurate cover bands manage to blend nearly every form of music birthed in the US.

Much has been said of this bands talent, giving fans the chance to parse the decades of Rock with disbelief of their talent. That process also allows fans to see how The Band set precedence for numerous elements of performance and song. The Band seems a direct ancestor to each of these artists and sounds, primarily because of how precise they have captured each Rock groups sound.

I am sure you will find the selections make a statement about each and every memorable track: There version of the tracks smashes any that you've heard, and if you've only known the song through the original artists, then you'll find The Rock of Ages to meet all expectations. The Rock of Ages Band makes the music world take notice.

The different periods of The music history will have a great impact on you when performed by The Rock of Ages Band.